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*Artrepreneurs Creating Connections*
Intelexx Artrepreneur Agency was established in 2003 by its founder Alexia Timothy. What started off as an idea was birthed into a great artistic production, producing different avenues of opportunities! Have you heard of Indeed? Well, we are THE Indeed for artists. We are the one-stop artist shop. Intelexx is an agency for artrepreneurs, connecting creatives and businesses with experts, networks and platforms to promote your YOUnique artistry.

We have what you need, so let us help you water that seed!
Alexia Timothy
Founder and CEO
We help you real-eyez your ideas!
We research
We can estimate your company opportunities, explore your economic status, analyze your vehicle access and foot traffic.
Marketing strategies
We develop the main conception of a company according to company target, develop strategies of competitive advantage.
Branding concepts
We develop strategy, conception, and ideology of the project, offer you a city-planning idea, create zones planning schemes.
People who can put themselves in the place of other people, who can understand the workings of their minds, need NEVER worry about what the future has in store for them!
Together we work hard to make the lives of our artists our top priority!
  • Erica Nichole Highsmith
    Erica is the creator of Rhythm and Grooves Dance Competition, a contest showcasing talented dancers throughout the Tristate Area. My mission while partnering with Intelexx Artrepreneur Ageny is to help artists of all backgrounds to grow within their craft while also providing a platform where they can shine by sharing their gifts with the world.
  • Jon Mckay
    Artist~CEO~Community Organizer
    Jon is the founder and president of Life Outside the Streets Inc, a 501c3 non profit organization on a mission to treat trauma through arts, education, and information.
  • Individual Approach
    Our company works according to the principle of individual approach to every client. This method lets us to get success in problems of all levels.
Explore Our Work
We work to create a platform for artistry!

Check out some of what we've been working on
I'm proud to Announce that RhythmandGrooves Dance Competition is in official partnership with IntelexxArtrepreneurAgency!
Be on the look out for big things coming, including Epic Events, Artist Workshops & Classes, Productions and so much more! If you are an artist looking to grow in your craft, look no further than Intelexx Artrepreneur Agency LLC!

RhythmandGrooves Dance Competition and IntelexxArtrepreneurAgency hosts Showcase Your Talent Show the last Wednesday of every month! The winner of the competition goes home with $100 prize, plus a featured spot in the following month's show. All artists and creatives are welcome!

IntelexxArtrepreneurAgency hosts Meeting of the Minds Mondays once a month, where we discuss various topics that include self, art, business, finances and much more! All artists and creatives are welcome to join in on the conversation!

IntelexxArtrepreneurAgency hosts Q&A Wednesdays once a month. A question will be posted to gage discussion. All artists and creatives are welcome to ask any questions during the live or submit beforehand to the email listed below! Questions asked during the live will be answered after early submissions. Let us know if you have any topics you want discussed on air so we can add your question to a future month.

  1. IntelexxArtrepreneurAgency hosts Freestyle Friday Open Mic Edition each Friday. All artists and creatives are welcome!

IntelexxArtrepreneurAgency hosts Freestyle Friday Battle Art 2nd Fridays. This is where you'll have a chance to win $25 or more. Artists will battle it out and whoever wins the battle, chooses next month's theme. Join the live to view or compete. All artists and creatives are welcome!

IntelexxArtrepreneurAgency hosts the Art of War Art Awareness Fundraiser 3rd Fridays. Here at Intelexx, we want to raise awareness for the #beauty, #YOUniqueness and #necessity of #art based on your culture, upbringing or background and how it makes #life more meaningful. We are doing a fundraiser through virtual mini concerts in order for us to come to a city, state or country near you!

IntelexxArtrepreneurAgency hosts Freestyle Friday Featured Segment 4th Fridays. This is where we spotlight an Artrepreneur doing great things. All artists and creatives are welcome!

IntelexxArtrepreneurAgency has a podcast. Have you tuned in yet? Intelexx: A Place For Artrepreneurs Podcast features guests and topics that are centered around art and business. Tune in on Anchor, Spotify, Apple, YouTube and much more!

IntelexxArtrepreneurAgency has partnered with our CEO Alexia Timothy for a new blog and podcast premiering August 20, 2023. This podcast and blog will talk about all things about life. Tune in on Anchor, Spotify, Apple, YouTube and much more!

Lifin' with Lex
Lifin' with Lex is a blog and podcast that will be focused on different topics about life because life be lifin' so let's talk about it!
Showcase Your Talent
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Join Two Amazing Apps!
The Cxllective (a group who defends the teachings and the Minister on social media) and Brother Ben X (creator of the Power Call, a platform that views and discusses lectures from the Nation) have created apps to better serve the purpose of bringing life to the dead and sharing the teachings of the Nation!
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You can donate to the Art Awareness Fundraiser and help us promote artistry at its finest to come to a city, state or country near you!
Intelexx Merch has Arrived!
You can preorder our CEO's 1st book, our CEO's 2nd book, buy some Intelexx drip or get a bundle for a discount!
We got books📚
You can choose from the list of books below, written by our CEO. Ebooks and paperbacks are available You can either pick one or get both for a discount!
Intelexx Merch has Arrived!
You can preorder our CEO's 1st book, our CEO's 2nd book, buy some Intelexx drip or get a bundle for a discount!
Intelexx Artrepreneur Agency meets you where you are!
Our prices are adjusted to fit your wallet and your needs

* prices below will vary depending on your Younique artistic need
Do you need an advocate or help with your brand or business? IA² provides advocacy, support or help with some promotion of your YOUnique style and sound for you and/or your business.

$250 and up
Creative Arts Services
Are you a creative but need some help perfecting your artistic craft? IA² offers assistance with this plus offering classes on perfecting skills with painting, pics, photography, music and so much more!

from $100/hr and up or $250/class and up

*Need to capture the moment in frozen time or minute by minute action? We offer photo shoots of all kinds!

from $150-$300/hr and up


from $300 and up

Combo packages

$500 and up

*Need help creating a 'look' for you and adding a YOUnique personality to your business? IA² is here for you!

from $150-$500 and up

*Not good at "selling" yourself? It's ok! We will help to promote and protect while helping you to generate media coverage for you and your company.

$500 and up

*Do you have an idea that you want to explore visually? IA² will help you to create websites, logos, social media pages and more!

from $250 to $1000 and up

Music Services
We provide services for your YOUnique music needs!

Recording sessions

$30/hr and up

Beat making sessions

$60/hr and up

Premiering featured artists at events

$50 and up

Hosting the music for an event


Providing artists for events

$300 and up
Event coordination services
Do you need help with setting the tone for your event that gives others a visual high? IA² offers event planning, setting the scene for varying events with decorations, hosting, finding a venue, catering and much more!

For planning with your own supplies

$100 and up

Supplies provided by IA²

$160 and up

Hosting during events

$175 and up

Other services

from $65-$300 and up
Promotion services
Not that good at promoting? No problem. We provide assistance with promoting through social media, word of mouth and more!

$150/hr and up
This is for any of you who want to share in the benefits. Thank you for supporting Intelexx Artrepreneur Agency. You are Very Important Artistic People indeed! As a thank you, please enjoy some great discounts.

Just for me: Every month you'll have the opportunity to save 20% on services and events. 1 free guest pass with invite, covers 6 months and good for 1yr. You can upgrade at any time!

Now this my budget can afford: This is for anyone who isn't able to afford the full monthly fee but would still love to have the benefits. Instead of 20% discounts, it'll be 15% on services and events. 1 free guest pass with invite, covers 3 months good for 6 months. You can upgrade at any time!

Paying my way through: This is for those who only have part of the payment. This is good for 6 months and you'll be able to enjoy the member benefits. 2 free guest passes with invite, covers 1yr and good for 14 months. You can upgrade at any time!

I'll take the discount!: This gives you $50 off by paying for the year at once. You'll get 25% discounts on services and events. 3 free guest passes with invite, covers 1yr and good for 1.5yrs. You can upgrade at any time!

1 for 2 Fee for me: This gives you all of the membership benefits year round along with an extra 10% discount on all services and events! 4 free guest passes with invite, covers 2yrs and good for 2.5yrs. This fee is good for 2 years!!

**Coupon codes available upon subscription**

**prices vary based on member activity. The more active you are, the more perks you receive!
Introducing our Referrals!
Everyday we work hard to connect our clients with experts in their artistry
You can be featured as a referral or have your events posted in our gallery and social media platforms!
Learn about our Experts!
We connect you with the best!
  • Coach/Strategist

    In the midst of the pandemic, Ayana birthed her own passion project now known as The Passion Strategist Enterprises. TPS was created to build confidence and provide direction for creative entrepreneurs by providing clarity, connecting them to accountability, and developing strategies for success through teaching and creative centric coaching that uses passion to fuel action. It is the home of the Passion Strategy Academy for established visionary CEO's and the Creative Clarity Community for emerging creative entrepreneurs. Ayana provides a safe space to learn how to stop hitting their heads and start hitting their goals.

    With a style that captivates and engages her audience in courageous conversations, Ayana's electric energy and encouraging words in tandem with the proverbial hug and a push inspires innovators to be purpose driven, passion forward, and master the power of a positive mindset to manifest their greatest success.

    Ayana Blount helps you to get the K.E.Y.S.™ to success, unlock the door, and unleash the winner within. She has collaborated with creatives and entrepreneurs, as well as community advocates and thought leaders to coordinate events, facilitate workshops and training seminars, and present keynote speeches and more for clients across industries using her signature Success Over Sabotage (SOS)™ strategy to define visions and execute winning outcomes. Ayana delivers knowledge-based content in an emotionally intelligent and transformational package that calls the hearer beyond limiting beliefs into limitless success. She is available for collaboration via her website www.thepassionstrategist.com or on social media platforms

    Social Media:

  • Founder/Teacher of The Musical Webb
    The Musical Webb serves as both an online music training site, as well as a hub of resources for aspiring musicians and artists. Inspired by its site creator, Ayana Webb, TMW is equipped with tons of recorded online piano courses, topped off with a blog and newsletter that shares useful articles on how musicians can promote themselves, fill their gig schedule, profitably sell their brand, build their fan base, and tighten up on their own musical skills.

    Social Networks:


    Contact Info:
    Email: awebb@themusicalwebb.com
    Phone: (888) 734-2399 Ext 1000
    Address: P.O. Box 464
    Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

  • Owner of Polish and Petals Lounge
    Sierra is a graduate of Queen Beauty Academy, where she received her Nail Technician License. Sierra began her nail life journey by starting out as a receptionist to get a better understanding of how to efficiently work in the nail field. Soon after, Sierra decided she was ready to step out on faith and apply to different nail salons for employment. After working at three locations, within three years, she was so good at building relationships with her clients and having a high client retention rate. Sierra was always thinking of better ways to make a clients experience better. Not long after, she knew it was time to start a business of her own. Sierra hopes to bring you all something new and relaxing to the city of Philadelphia

    Social Media:

  • Writer and Songstress
    If you ask Donielle what the Lord has done for her, she will tell you about God's infinite grace and provision, and admit that there's so much more to come and that there is more for you too! That's what she does. A dynamic singing talent, hailing from Philadelphia and formally trained at the renowned High School for the Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA), she seeks to use her talents and insights, both on and off stage, to glorify God and proclaim his glory.
    As an independent artist, Donielle has done a great deal of work under her previous name Donielle Rodwell, including features with other amazing artists like Da' T.R.U.T.H. on "Freedom" and "Real Love," Jahaziel's "Better", and many more. Donielle was among the first Gospel artists to perform at the TLA in Philly since 2010. In 2014, Donielle won the Gospel PHL Live Center Stage competition, a city-wide contest sponsored by councilman David Oh, which then allowed her to take the stage at Philadelphia's famous Dell Music Center. She has also had the privilege of opening for Fred Hammond and The Walls Group.
    While her accomplishments and collaborations are great and many, her ultimate goal is to minister and worship through her life and craft that people would come to know Jesus and know Him as a healer, deliverer, savior, and so much more as she has. Donielle will be releasing a series of singles over the next few months building up to a full project! It's her prayer that this music helps bring listeners closer to her great, gracious, and loving savior: Jesus Christ.

    Social Media: https://instagram.com/doniellemusic?igshid=1wrj03xtg4ewo

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